Sooke Neighbourhoods

Sooke is a semi-rural seaside community about 45 minutes' drive away from the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria.

Since incorporating as a municipality in 1999, Sooke has accomplished some great things. Sooke has everything from seaside condominiums and townhouses, vacation cottages, new construction and subdivisions, and rural acreages. Sooke also has a long coastline, making for some absolutely stunning waterfront properties. Check out descriptions and photographs, maps, and videos of the neighbourhoods and homes in Sooke:

Sooke Village Core - Saseenos - Sooke River - Sunriver Estates - Broom Hill - Whiffen Spit - Otter Point - East Sooke - Jordan River - Sheringham Point - French Beach - Port Renfrew - John Muir - West Coast Road

Below, and on each individual neighbourhood page, there is a Google Map. You can click and drag to move around the map, and you can click the (+) and (-) to zoom in and out. Click any of the coloured areas to see which neighbourhood it is and a link to its page on this site (if it's been written yet).

This page is still being added to - eventually it will feature pictures, videos, and full descriptions of each of the neighbourhoods above. If you have any questions regarding any neighbourhood in Sooke or Greater Victoria, contact me any time at 250-885-0512, email or fill in my contact form.

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